Our accounting and taxation services in Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Ukraine and in Mozambique include all activities needed to comply to the specific local legislation. They vary from basic bookkeeping to reporting under IFRS as elaborated below.


We provide the elementary bookkeeping activities for our customer. This way we assure a solid financial structure according to local legislation. These activities consist of registrating accountable documents only.


Customers with a slightly higher demands are facilitated also with basic taxes and labour services. Such services consist of VAT preparation, payrolling services, basic support to local tax authorities and assistance to statutory auditors.

Where possible and desired, we can also organise local bookkeeping, using the customer’s ‘Western’ bookkeeping system.


In addition to VAT declarations, other tax declarations are mandatory and provided by us as well. Examples of such are corporate income tax (CIT) declarations, personal income tax (PIT) declarations (mainly for management / board members), declaration on withholding taxes etc.

Next to declarations, various reports have to be delivered to different local public authorities. For instance reporting to the National Bank, its National Statistics Institute etc. We realise all of such reporting obligations.


Naturally EUNITE creates annual statements in compliance with local legislation also. Annual statements include all regular elements, such as balance sheets, profit and loss overviews. changes in equity, cash flow statements etc.

In some occassion consolidation reports between different local entities are added to the common elements of the annual statements, again in compliance with local specific rules and regulations.


Finally we also provide high end accounting and fiscal services, for instance:

  • The mandatory statutory financial reporting as required by local law;
  • Annual reporting packages for parent company issues (consolidation);
  • Financial reporting under IFRS standards, instead of the common legal standard etc.

In addition these services also consists of conducting and / or steering complex cases.