EUNITE facilitates all legal services needed for its customers’ customised demands in Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Ukraine and in Mozambique. In the overview below we high-lighted the most prominent topics.


Corporate legal services include all services for establishing, optimising and / or changing legal entities in compliance with local legislation. Examples are defining shareholder and board structures of local entities, creating i) shareholder agreements; ii) management agreements; iii) articles of incorporation and iv) other mandatory documents. Especially for joint ventures, we provide validations of companies and / or of their added value. Finally legal services also include liquidations of local entities.

Another important topic is to develop contracts that find the right balance between our customer’s need and the possibilities / limitations of local legislation. Examples of such contracts are leasing / rental contracts, buyers and sellers contracts, service contracts, management contracts etc. All contracts are bilingual (English & in the local language), this way our customer knows all details of each contract.


Labour law services mainly consists of creating labour contracts for the employees of the local company. Naturally such contracts are also bilingual.

In addition we also provide legal assistence to solve labour related issues for our customer. Such issues can involve its employees, local labour authorities etc.


Licenses and / or permissions are demanded for conducting some specific business activities EUNITE acquires such licenses and / or permission on behalf of its customers. The content and complexity varies per case: from relatively easy licenses such as import licenses to very complex permissions (often related to large invesment projects).

Some licenses and permissions require a local accreditation of skills, expertise etc. of the foreign mother company and / or its board. Also in these occassions, we assure our customers acquires such accreditation.


The services mentioned above cover the majority of the regular demand. In addition we also consult and provide assistance for special cases and / or sensitive issues, all of which are tailor made solutions.