We realise (commercial) presence for our customers from our local strongholds in Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Ukraine and in Mozambique. Such presence can consist of various elements as elaborated below. Combinations between these elements are quite common.


In case an own legal entity is desired, EUNITE establishes such entities for its customers. Various types of entities are possible, such as:

  • Daughter companies (100% owned by the Western mother company);
  • Joint Ventures;
  • Branch offices etc.

Our customers mostly choose to establishing completely new companies. However in some occassions customers prefer to acquire shelf companies. The latter are companies that can be deployed ”immediately” and are clean (do not have any business activities).


Each company is obliged to have a physical address for its legal entity. EUNITE provides statutory seats for foreign owned companies. By doing so, we facilitate two types of needs, namely:

  1. Companies without actual location in their target country, having a need / obligation to establish itself legally in locally;
  2. Companies already having an actual location in their target country, however wanting to divide its financial and operational activities in different (physical) places.


We support our customers that have a need of an own location. This location can be a production site or an office. Based on the needs of our customer we identify the best matching possibities in the target country, negotiate together / on behalf of our customer with owners and / or tenants. In some occassions, our customers use EUNITE’s own location.


In addition to the legal and physical presence as described above, EUNITE can also represents its customer commercially in the target country. Instead of having fixed cost, our customers appreciate the benefits of top quality commercial human resources combined with flexible marketing and sales cost.


Next to commercial representation, EUNITE’s management can represent the board of its customers in the local country. Especially customers having a foreign board – with a tight agenda – validate the possibility to outsource various board decisions and official signatures to us. An additional benefit to use EUNITE as its board representation – next to shortage of available time – are lower cost: travel and lodge cost for our customers are minimised by outsourcing its board representation. In practice we see both a temporary as well as long lasting board representations for our customers. Maximising the scope of our board activities is common practice too naturally.


When an actual own local organisation is desired, EUNITE recruits candidates according to the profiles of its customers. Normally the first line recruitment is realised autonomously by EUNITE. We select the best matching candidates for a meeting. During the meeting EUNITE benchmarks the candidate to our customer’s profile. In general this first selection round results in about 5 qualified candidates that will be presented to our customer.

The second line recruitment (selection of candidate) consists of a joint effort of EUNITE and our customer. The most qualified candidates are interviewed together by our customers and ourselves. Ultimately our customer selects the best matching candidate.